After the attempted assassination on Ethan Kindle, Slom (now known as Krasota Medvyedev) was given the man’s blessing to found Chernya Kukla (the Black Dolls) under the understanding that they would leave be the Black Tower, and subtly contribute to the chaos that the city requires for its "balance."

Though its beginnings were humble, the Black Dolls grew into an influential organization. Krasota was the founder, with Manon as her right-hand. Angela served as Krasota’s bodyguard and hired gun.

Sometime after Krasota’s transformation, the leader disappeared, and her whereabouts were up until very recently unknown. Since then, Manon has taken over Krasota's duties and renamed the organization to Gilt Ophidian (the Gilt or GO), elevating Angela to her trusted advisor.

Under Manon’s leadership, individuals may be trapped in the Nameless City, but GO instills its members with a sense of freedom amid the chaos.


The chaos that reins in the Gilt's work has very clear, concise, and non-negotiable boundaries: nothing involving adolescents and/or children, no sexual assault, no human trafficking, no killing for pleasure — and absolutely nothing related to the Black Tower.

Any and all mob activity in The Nameless City rolls up to the GO — which includes the fight ring that was once merely sponsored by the organization, since the disappearance of its founder.

GO continues to be affiliated with The Painted Dogs after Manon's leadership was enacted, and they continue to have a mutually prosperous relationship.

(OOC: Subliminally, the syndicate is loyal to Ethan and his request to contribute chaos to the city. Most members of Gilt Ophidian are unaware of this request; it is a secret held by the upper ranks.)


  • Financial freedom for all members. You should want for nothing and owe no one outside the family.

  • Loyalty to your fellow Gilt Ophidian members above all things. Broaches of loyalty will be punished, or worse.

  • Respect is earned. Lack of respect can get you banished — or killed. (OOC Note: If you violate this your OC will be removed from Gilt Ophidian; an OOC discussion will be had about your character’s outcome.)

  • Discretion is necessary. Do not flaunt your fortune in public. Gilt Ophidian is an open secret, and they are tolerated because they do not push the boundaries of acceptable public behavior.

  • You are a Gilt Ophidian member for life. Similar to your time in TNC, the only way out is death. Retirement is possible, but extremely rare, and requires extensive negotiation with the leader.

OOC Note: Manon is not your friend. Loyalty and friendship must be earned even if your OC has been a member of Gilt Ophidian for some time.

moral compass

  • Generally morally ambiguous as a mob group. Get the job done, unless it violates the limits listed below.

  • Individual motivations may vary by OC — some might enjoy the sense of rebellion, others might be cash-motivated, etc. Gilt Ophidian has room for all of that.

  • Accept that there is a logical order to life in the city. This is not a group who wants to watch the world burn.

the team

head of




the team









Collectors gather payments owed to Gilt Ophidian on a monthly basis. They will be assigned by district, and may decide their own methods of collection based on their personality (nice, mean, manipulative, etc.)


Maybe you steal your wares, maybe you scavenge them from places like the Obscured City or the Whereport, maybe you buy or trade newcomers for the rare items they enter the city with. Your job is to procure items and bring them in for resale.


Dealers will be assigned by district, with the potential for multiple dealers in the more populated districts as need arises. Build relationships, introduce new products, anticipate the needs of your clients. Customer-service oriented mentalities thrive here.



Friendly people who have luxury, celebrity, or influence, who will share their success stories with their friends. Where did you get this rare object, or who has smoothed your path through life? The Sweet Talker will tell you, it’s all thanks to Gilt Ophidian. You can trust them, it’s so easy!


Threatening people who use intimidation tactics to make it clear to individuals and businesses that they had better partner with Gilt Ophidian — or else something nasty might occur.


Members who use their abilities, supernatural or otherwise, to manipulate scenarios to favor Gilt Ophidian. Unlike other roles, Influencers may be "undercover" in society, and keep their membership secret if they choose.

Hired Guns & Muscle

hired guns

Assassins, lorem, ipsum, etc. They may also be brought on jobs by Cleaners or the Head of Collections, depending on what tactics are needed on any given day.


Security, grunts, lorem, etc. May be brought onto a job with Cleaners or the Head of Collections, if brute force is deemed necessary.


A person whose job is to erase evidence of crimes committed. Often involves the

disposal of bodies. A strong constitution is necessary. Hired guns may be brought in

to assist with this work.

Head of Security

Manon’s personal body guard. Also ensures arrangements for any other necessary security scenarios, including the purchase of hired security details from outside clients.



Head of Books

The lead accountant for Gilt Ophidian. Highly trusted by Manon; works closely with Head of Collections. Ensures all Gilt Ophidian members are paid on time.

Head of Distribution

Manages city-wide distribution of drugs manufactured from Manon’s toxins and other TNC-specific substances. Manages team of district-specific dealers.



Head of acquisitions

A liaison for the free agents who bring Gilt Ophidian exotic wares to sell. These wares are then sold on the underground market for higher value. A fence, essentially, but a powerful one.

Head of collections

Oversees the timely payment of all dues owed to Gilt Ophidian by any individuals or businesses who are paying for protection. Doles out consequences

for those who pay late. Manages team

of collectors.



Head of Games

Oversees all gambling efforts. (This role will grow from something smaller, since Gilt Ophidian’s gambling initiatives are still in the early stages.)


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