The Nameless City

Sometimes it seems like the city is… alive. You will notice that new places crop up where something else had previously been before, and would have taken months of construction in any other world.


With two moons and one sun, the city has days and nights that are very long, indeed.

Spontaneous environmental events occur throughout districts at different times.

Residencies can be found in every district — so please, make yourself at home. You have no other choice.

Clicking on the title of each location will bring you to visual references.


Not every business is listed on our map — it is safe to assume that there are hotels, bars, restaurants, little shops, etc. in each district, matching the aesthetic. Most are independently owned. However, there are a handful of "chain" establishments that can be found in all districts:

Nacho King! - fast food chain

Blue Frog Drug Mart - pharmacy chain

YOU WILL EAT. - diner franchise

Got-N-Go - convenience store chain

HOTLIPS Pizzeria & Delivery - restaurant chain

Trader Jolene’s - grocery store chain focused on “local” produce

City Centre

Art by Eddie Mendoza @ Art Station

Where it's all happening - skyscrapers loom and lights swirl, with plenty of traffic. The ultimate melting pot. No matter how strange or out of place someone might seem, they fit in here. Beware swirling miasmas of unexpected fog, which may sweep you away to a different part of the Nameless City entirely.

This skyscraper stretches above the smog-line, and is by far the most impressive piece of architecture in the Nameless City’s skyline. It seems to emanate a glow from within. The Council meets in this building whenever necessary. The top floors of the Black Tower are inaccessible to most people.

Bright lights, glitz, glamor, the hustle and bustle. This part of the city never sleeps. Come to find wonders galore, but beware — there's a sucker born every minute.

This grim area is in perpetual darkness, emanating gloom even during the day. A sense of unease crawls over those who linger here. The more time you spend, the more likely you are to lose your mind. Effects are felt almost immediately; for most people, 24 hours will result in full collapse.

One of two points of access to Hollow Heights is through the Eves.

Located on the edge of The Eves, this bar caters to a select brand of rougher clientele. The back third of the property, including one door, exits into the Eves. Strange alcohols are distilled here. May be considered a waystation for those in the know who may be fortifying themselves to travel into the dark area beyond.

A clothier, cobbler, and retail store that specializes in customized clothing to fit *every* body type. Owned by Raziel ben Agrat and Cecelia Pentaghast.

This city park has all the expected accessories: paved walks, landscaping, random statues, buskers, vendors. Open dawn to dusk, it provides a pleasant escape from the bustle of the City Center. Just be careful you don't wade too deep into the duck pond, or wander too far after dark… even the most manicured spaces can surprise you.

Home to an unusual collection of ocean-oriented flora and fauna, in some cases quite literally. At least one water-bound character lives here. Actively welcomes the study and rehabilitation of any of the City’s water-dwelling characters.

Sour Notes

Karaoke bar, tbd

Theatre District

Every darkness needs its sparkling stars. These are the gems in the inky firmament of the Nameless City. Come to witness wonders the likes of which have never been seen, or to find cuisine from every corner of the multiverse.


housing aesthetic

The oldest, largest, and most prestigious theatre in town. Stars are made, hearts are broken, and according to legend, at least one spectral being haunts the property.

An armistice bar — no fighting, just drinking. This location never closes, and serves as a key location where individuals from all walks of life can gather, regardless of social station. A safe place to set up a business deal, drink away your opening night anxiety, or meet an heiress.

The hottest venue in the Nameless City, a place where stars rise and fall. You can lose yourself on the dancefloor or rub elbows with the city elite behind a velvet rope. Come and forget your mortality for a few hours.

A standard coffee shop in (almost) every way — with a small stage for intimate musical gatherings in the evenings, and a standing espresso bar for the frantic employees of the surrounding theatres.

A library that holds texts from almost every universe, but its selection is somewhat limited by the confines of space. Texts on The Nameless City are somehow always missing or on loan.

Owned by Andrea Belle. The smell of freshly baked bread and desserts lures you towards a quiet storefront with a blue awning. With the wide selection of enchanted pastries and desserts found at The Moon Bakery, your day will be buzzing with a wholesome spirit. Read more about the bakery and what you can order here.

An establishment found in all TNC all districts, though the Theatre District establishment is HOTLIPS’ flagship location — come grab a slice, enjoy the view of the scantily clad waitstaff, and support an LGBTQ+ institution at work. The pies and the employees are equally zesty! Read more here.


A lingering, unidentifiable smell permeates this neighborhood. The buildings heap together and stack high, an illogical hodgepodge of construction with a claustrophobic air.


housing aesthetic

A market for meats.

Place for shady dealings and wild parties. Something is always going on at the knackery. You just have to know who to ask.

Resident back-alley doctor with a kind disposition, and a surprisingly clean office. They won’t ask questions. Just pay their fees.

The city's finest exotic dancing establishment, complete with a general dancing floor, champagne rooms, and the best hot wings in town. Employs dancers to suit every imaginable appetite.

Several hot springs, with temperatures ranging from approximately 98 to 105 degrees fahrenheit, naturally rich in minerals such as iron, lithia, and arsenic, bubble out of the ground and into pools created with manmade materials. The City cracks open here and gives way — even if only for a few thousand feet — to natural splendor, vines and moss taking over buildings, walkways, and streets that were once in use near these springs. Though the air is still thick with pollution and scents from the district in which is sits, the area just smells different here, as if the plant life is trying to entirely push out the existence of man.

One of two points of access to Hollow Heights is through the Hot Springs.

Craving a sake or a hardy rice bowl? Come relax in this refined restaurant and garden adjacent to the Hot Springs. Run by a diverse set of yokai and yurei spirits under the supervision of Galatea Dalael. Mind you abide by the house rules and stay on the garden path… patrons have been known to go missing. More information here.

A space for both the Gilt Ophidian and the Underground Fight Ring to organize their people. The space primarily reads to the public as a location for fights, including a practice gym and a ring with spectator seating. The mob’s presence in this building is subtle, but it’s there if you know what to look for.

Red Hook

A lush, green paradise below the cityscape. Roads turn from asphalt to cobble in this area which seems to be from another time and place. Orchards and large community gardens pepper the district, and brownstone buildings are overgrown with flowering creeping vines. Much of the architecture consists of living trees or other flora, constructed in a grid, streets made up of cobblestone, dirt paths, or greenways. Even though you may see the city’s glow nearby, light pollution is minimal in this place and you can see celestial bodies for miles around in this realm.


housing aesthetic

A large, sacred garden filled with any plant imaginable. Fountains and outdoor art can be found here, as well as ponds and rolling open spaces. Get lost (or found) within the hedge maze. Deep in the recesses of this lush oasis, you might be able to catch a glimpse of Autumn Prairie's private residence.

This abandoned church has been partially reclaimed by nature, but the intensity of its former devotees lingers. While a daytime walk through the property can be quite pleasant, the graveyard is uniquely foreboding at night… and something mysterious lurks in the cistern beneath the church.

A co-operative blood bank for individuals who require blood to survive but would rather not hunt/kill for it, or those who wish to sell their blood for cash. Run by Ginnala Kuda and Cendros Aspen. Read more here.

A farmer’s market that never closes. Nature’s bounty can be found here, anything from fresh fruits and vegetables to potted plants, honey straight from the hive, and curiosities pulled from the sea. Looking for something… unusual? Just ask around. Someone's bound to have a tip for you.

An old amusement park sits at the edge of this district, right where land meets water. During certain times of the month, parts of the park are submerged in the sea. A particularly treacherous area of Red Hook: the park belongs to the wildlife, with old machinery covered by thorny bushes, and predators lurking in the water. Thrill seekers should tread carefully and quietly.

These urban-style farms stretch for approximately two miles, and are constructed on reclaimed abandoned lots. A surprising variety of fruits and vegetables grow here, and Autumn’s abilities have helped coax crops into growing out of season. Consequently, some sections correspond with different seasons — an area for fall crops, summer crops, etc.—that will grow year-round. Crops are sold to the rest of the city, but the hungry will always be fed, and those who wish to exchange a day’s work for a meal will always be welcomed.

Borough Park

Known for being more residential of the many districts. Find yourself some peace and quiet in this upscale area, and make a permanent home. Suburbia comes with its own, distinct brand of strangeness. Immaculate lawns and houses of every shape and size can be found in this neighborhood. All are welcome, but some may find the homey atmosphere stifling.


housing aesthetic

This odd little shop hides more than just things to read — if you've lost something, find it here. Only stocks the rarest texts. Come to find every book that was never written, or curios you never knew you needed.

Come spend a restful day at the beach, with lovely white sands and beautiful blue waters. Of course, adventure can be found in the caves and tide pools along the coast, the further you travel. If you listen closely, you may hear the sounds of ancient creatures moving underwater.

This lighthouse is clearly occupied, but no one seems to know by whom. The entrance and exit tends to come and go as it pleases. The lighthouse’s balcony holds a secret to physical transformation, at a steep cost — contact the staff for more information.

An unsuspecting house in a quiet, well-kept neighborhood of Borough Park, Tonn is a carefully managed brothel that serves all tastes (within reason). Clientele is held to exacting standards, with a zero-tolerance policy for abuse, by the madame, Fea Sáile. Employees of the brothel are kept safe and happy, are free to come and go as they please, and keep 100% of their earnings. Read more here.

Ballard Institute

Every world must have a place for knowledge to thrive. With so many worlds and cultures coalescing in one city, you'd be amazed at the variety in the class catalogue. Come to expand your mind! Sadly, not every student is cut out for academia. If the school misplaces one or two pupils from time to time, isn't that normal?

This desolate airport hosts an array of mysteries for your characters to explore. Mind you don't linger — the longer you stay, the closer you'll venture toward madness. Learn more here.


Abandoned infrastructure that has been reclaimed by nature: this crumbling city gives way to vast plains. Small communities have sprung up near the river and ocean; moving water seems to help keep its inhabitants safe from any aggressive flora and fauna - and legend hints that it provides protection against the roving bone-creatures. A small jungle is also featured, abruptly transitioning into the plains.


housing aesthetic


The docks are both bustling marketplace and shantytown, as well as a launching point for those who live in houseboats and permanent water-rigs in the river. A shadow market thrives here, in direct competition with the Slaughterhouse District. Peddlers sell anything you might desire, from Bone artifacts (real and counterfeit) to sundries scavenged from all corners of The Nameless City — and beyond.

interdimensional shipwreck

Out on the ocean, there is a thunderhead as tall as the sky itself, always present, always churning. Below it lies a thick fog one cannot see through, but one may occasionally see the motion of mysterious lights bobbing inside.

Interdimensional shipwrecks happen somewhere on that ocean every night, beyond the distant horizon, and what washes up on the shore the next morning is entirely up for grabs. It’s also entirely first-come-first-serve. Over the course of the day, those containers will shift back into the water, as if they never existed, and whatever is left inside will be lost.

Your characters can access Port Lavalle through the Eves [walking, biking, etc.], the newly opened train line from City Centre (which goes underneath the Eves; you will experience abbreviated effects), or via an above-ground road and footbridge that crosses the waters from the Hot Springs.

A staple chain restaurant of The Nameless City, and one of the only functioning businesses in the dilapidated architecture of Hollow Heights. This diner is the original location, and sits on the razor thin edge of the Eves, so if you want a more foreboding dining experience, make sure to ask for a window seat.

An abandoned city, with collapsed skyscrapers, businesses given over to rot and overgrowth, abandoned transportation, and no sign of why it was left behind. Squatters welcome, but be aware that the buildings may pose stability risks, and no electricity or plumbing is available. This space comes after the diner, and ends at Gibson Station, giving way to the Solaris Plains.

This old lookout tower requires a climb up a multi-story ladder, which will give you access to a two-room house surrounded by a 360-degree lookout balcony. Positioned at the very edge of the violent wilderness, once in the tower, you can see evidence of further towers in the distance — past the boundary where the jungle has abruptly stopped its growth. At night, strange lights flicker from those other towers. Located in Solaris Plains.

Grassy plains stretch as far as the eye can see, with rounded hills and sloping valleys, and sporadic tree-cover. Large, wild beasts roam this area with no awareness of civilization or the dangers of humanoids’ higher-level skills.

Pieces of the coastal thundercloud will occasionally break off and sweep over this region, which can result in extreme weather activity such as hail storms, or tornadoes. The wind on the Solaris Plains is unpredictable and can kick up violently at a moment’s notice.

A “monster salon” for the pampering and styling of non-humanoid beasts and creatures, who may find their needs unmet elsewhere. Adjacent to the Plains, this salon is run by Lochin Kunal-Cervid. Learn more.

At the edge of the Solaris Plains, if you know how to find it, is a veritable graveyard… miles and miles of bones, ranging from human-sized to colossal. Legend has it, these bones are not actually from the dead, but that the skeletons are sleeping monstrosities — though no one living has ever seen them awaken. While Solaris Plains is a grassland, the Bone Fields are barren earth, cracked and devoid of life.

A massive, concave stone wall curves from the ground to the sky, and stretches from one side of the district to the other. It appears to be made of natural materials, has no manufacturing seams, and is impenetrable. It cannot be scaled, dug under, tunneled through, or flown over. (Note: Not currently a playable location, this is for player reference only.)

Last STop filling station & Apocalyptic survival supply



A gully has seemingly just materialized on the edge of Hollow Heights, and stretches the entire eastern border of the district — and appears to be bottomless. While it is possible to attempt to rappel or fly down into the canyon, at some point, you will be ejected back up to the surface, or mysteriously find yourself returned to the cliffs with no memory of how you got there. What's on the other side? It is obscured. While you think you may see something, you can never quite remember.

The cut

Deep in the shadow of the cañón, a shimmering portal is suspended in mid-air. This portal allows access to the Glitch, so long as travelers are protected by a vessel capable of interdimensional travel. Future plans include an unpiloted public transit system between the areas.

Gemsbok Glade

Surrounded by violent sandstorms, jagged cliffs, and bottomless ravines, Gemsbok Glade has only recently reconnected to the City. Its residents are survivors; independent and proud. Any attempt to enter the sandstorms or pass over the cliffs will send you back to where you started — the bridges in and out of Gemsbok are carefully maintained, and you are advised to keep to the path. Though, there is rumor that, for the right price, you can buy a guide into the storm...

This desert district has a rich, deep history: a dried-up ocean, verdant plant life, and the mysterious sandfalls. Beware the shadow ghasts, humanoid entities that patrol the desert at dawns, dusks, and twilights.



housing aesthetic

subterrarean or coastal


A gully has seemingly just materialized on the edge of Hollow Heights, and stretches the entire eastern border of the district — and appears to be bottomless. While it is possible to attempt to rappel or fly down into the canyon, at some point, you will be ejected back up to the surface, or mysteriously find yourself returned to the cliffs with no memory of how you got there. What's on the other side? It is obscured. Though you think you may see something, you can never quite remember.

The roiling sandstorms that plague this area have driven residents underground. Above, you’ll find areas where the sand seems to have come alive, as it moves and breathes. Below, you’ll find underground housing, public parks and gardens, a bar with a reputation for shady dealings, and the sprawling Underground Market. This neighborhood is the most inviting area of Gemsbok, but mind your step — the residents won’t hesitate to feed someone who’s outstayed their welcome to the hungry sands. Entrances from the surface to the subterranean community are obvious and public.

In stark contrast to the rest of Gemsbok, the Ecotone is lush, abundant with moisture-rich plant life. This is where Gemsbok Glade used to touch Hollow Heights, before it was so brutally severed from its sibling-district. In the depths of this nature you will find sparse buildings reclaimed by the land, including a long-abandoned observatory constructed within the open dome of a giant humanoid skull.

Deeper into the district, you’ll find the wreckage of hundreds of vessels from every imaginable world: aircraft, sea-faring ships, interstellar transports. All in various stages of decay, many with evidence of oxidization and caked in salt deposits. There is other evidence of a barren sea: oceanic detritus, oceanic fossils, and the remaining bones of whalefall. Tread carefully through these wrecks, where only the mad would dare to make a home. If you’re lucky, you might just find a treasure — but will it be a blessing, or a curse?

Ramsay lighthouse

Perched between the Shamal and the Blasphemer’s Coast, you’ll find a sister to the Lighthouse in Borough Park. This watchtower is clearly occupied, but its resident is never seen - only felt by those who are lucky enough to gain access. The entrance and exit will come and go as it pleases, and the staircase that should lead to its exterior balcony takes any ascendant to a dead end: nothing but pure, smooth glass and an inaccessible walkway. The beacon illuminates irregularly, casting brilliant light over the dry seabeds only a few nights every month. (Note: This is for player reference - scenes at the Lighthouse can be written in the Blasphemer’s Coast.)

The majority of Gemsbok is covered with massive sand dunes, and becomes much hotter during the day and cooler at night than the rest of the Nameless City. A true desert environment, it has its own unique flora and fauna. The Singing Dunes themselves resonate with the deep, rich hum of a distant cello, and periodically give way to twisting rock formations. Rivers of sand and ice wind their way through the dunes, flowing freely as water would.

Living yardangs make themselves distinct from their dead-rock cousins by swaying occasionally. Xerophytes protect their precious water supply with poisoned needles, but the skillful survivalist can tap them for resources. The dunes may look desolate and unforgiving, but they have much to offer — and secrets to tell — if you know how to listen.

The Ecotone is also home to Oasis Resort, a luxurious experience where your fees are paid with the intangible, instead of money. This is one common gateway through the storm that surrounds Gemsbok Glade. You can also access the shady bar in Shamal, via tunnels, from the Oasis Resort. (Note: This is for player reference — scenes at the Oasis Resort can be written in the Ecotone.)

The bazaar is open 24/7 but its night hours are considered the most vibrant and valuable to visitors. This is where the majority of trade and commerce happens in Gemsbok: if the district has it, you’re most likely to find it here.

One of the cliffs that makes up the border of Gemsbok Glade features a magnificent sandfall. Strong wind currents push sand off the cliff and into the Cañón. Somehow, the sand never runs out. Anyone foolish enough to go over the edge will find a pit of sinking sand at the bottom. The Sandfalls are visible from the Oasis Resort. (Note: Not currently a playable location, this is for player reference only.)